Let’s Get This Thing Launched

angela_verticalbooksHowdy! For those stumbling onto this blog in its early stages, this is my first post launching this new endeavor. Being a writer and addicted to sharing, I couldn’t help but want to share my experiences trying to implement the Paleo/Primal lifestyle as a writer. I didn’t think it would fit in on my regular author blog, so, well, here we go with this one…

Living this way can be daunting and time consuming, and writers don’t usually have time to spare. But we know we should eat healthy because, you know, it’s hard to write if we’re achey or our brain is foggy. So I figured I can’t be the only writer experiencing these challenges, and so I thought I’d start a blog that hopefully will help other writers who wish to implement the lifestyle but have been too intimidated to start.

I hope to have other guests on here too, as I’m a newbie to the lifestyle and definitely want to reach out to those with more experience.

Ideas for posts include:

  • Book reviews
  • Tea Tuesday
  • “Quickies” (snigger, sorry as a romance author, I couldn’t resist)– these will be things you can do in 5-15 minutes that can become new healthy habits
  • Link roundups
  • Recipes

If you’re a writer, and have been on this journey already, and would like to guest post, contact me via this form. Or if you have topics you’d like me to cover, let me know!

I’d like to thank Kate Warren for the blog’s title idea! It’s perfect, as I wanted it to reflect that I write romance, and it also fits with how I like to title my books (as puns or spins off of author titles or phrases). Thank you, Kate!

Sometimes I might have guests on here who might not be Paleo/Primal, but whose healthy eating/lifestyle intersect with Paleo/Primal. I’m not about pushing Paleo/Primal, but I do want to push eating real food and I think it would be silly to not share their insights if it will help others fine tune their lifestyle and relationship to food.

What about you? Are you already eating this way? Have you thought about it, but haven’t taken the plunge? What challenges do you face?



  1. Reblogged this on Angela Quarles | Geek girl romance writer and commented:

    Just a quick note to let y’all know that I’ve started a new blog called When Paleo Met Sally, and this is the first post. It will be focused on the challenges of navigating the Paleo/Primal world as a writer. Tips and guest posts coming soon on how to eat clean, healthy whole foods (as much as you want) and still lose weight!

  2. Angela, I started low carb in 2012 and have been eyeing Paleo for a while, trying to decide if that would be a logical next step. One of the challenges is, of course, what do eat when traveling but that can be a fun exercise. I like to cook, really like working with new and different ingredients.
    The “as much as you want” is a bit misleading for both diets. What I’ve found is I’m MUCH more satisfied on much less food.

    1. Cool! Yeah I guess it could be misleading– wrote it in a hurry and was thinking that I do eat as much as I want but yeah, it’s less because the fat and protein satiate me so well.

  3. Looking forward to learning more. I think it’s a fab idea of rounding up writers too. Because we are often glued to a keyboard, its easy to fall into bad eating habits. I was unfamiliar with the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, but it seems to reflect many of my current eating habits. I just need to become stricter about them. Hopefully, your blog will help.:) Networking and having the support of others when attempting lifestyle changes usually results in a better success rate. I’m looking forward to hanging out here!

  4. Angela,
    I’m also writer (unpublished) who eats primally. My husband and I started eating paleo/primal over three years ago and though we’re not always %100 percent, we’re close. I have found when I’m eating primal that I not only think better but my brain is more creative. Not kidding. Giving up wheat and sugar have helped me tremendously with a life-long skin condition (atopic dermatitis.) Have you tried any Whole30’s yet? Well, I’m madly trying to finish up my GH entry, so I’ll have to stop by after the 13th to finish reading through your new blog and maybe email you a few recipes if you are interested. I’ve got a great recipe for gorilla pancakes and tacos with home made coconut flour tortillas just to name a few. Lee Kilraine

    1. Oh yeah!! Another one! It’s amazing how much gets cured when food is approached in a primal way–it makes you assess everything to find out what works. I haven’t done a Whole30 yet, but I think I’m going to take the challenge in January. I want to see what my food intolerances are. I have a feeling gluten is one of them as the few times I’ve slipped, I’ve felt it. Good luck with your GH entry! I’ve been debating about entering myself and not sure if I can afford it, but Friday’s payday, so… And yes, would love your recipes! Would you be interested in doing a guest post?

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