Weekend Grab Bag O’ Links 1/12/14

grabbag Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! Here’s a compilation of interesting articles from around the interwebz this past week…

Inspiring Stories


 Did you find an article you found interesting this week? Please share!



  1. wordfoolery · · Reply

    Hmm, I was feeling less stressed thanks to the first couple of links and then hit the flame retardant one and undid all the good work 😉

    1. Oh no! Sorry! It can be hard navigating all the info out there and not getting stressed about all the harsh chemicals and toxins we’re surrounded by. I have a tough time with it too. When I learn something new that I’m being exposed to, I ask myself if I have control over it, if I don’t I try to shrug it off. I think with our modern life, there’s just going to be some toxins we can’t avoid and so it’s why I think it’s more important than ever before in human history to eat clean, healthy foods because we have less margin for error than our great grandparents did.

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