Smartphone Apps for your Paleo/Primal Journey


A friend of mine had this idea for a post and I thought it a good one. I’d done something similar back when I was just doing a tumblr blog, but I’ve accumulated more apps and knowledge since then, plus this has a wider platform, so it’s good to revisit. Keep in mind, this is a personal list and I have an Android, so it will be completely biased to Android. iPhone users, don’t despair, almost all of these are available for you as well, I just mean that there might be some only available to you that I would have no clue about. They’re also all free (for Android).

Ones I use

Grocery IQ

I use this to note down items I need during the week, and it has a handy UPC scanner which recognizes most of my products. I’ve made separate lists for each store, which not only helps when I get there, but helps with comparison shopping. I now know that my local health food store is cheaper on some things and more expensive on others, compared to Winn Dixie, Publix, or Fresh Market, so I make note of prices and put things in my favorites list under that store, so I know that’s where it’s cheapest. It also has a history and favorites tab, so you can easily repopulate. iPhone & Android

Organic Diet Buddy

This handy app helps me remember which fruits and veggies are safe to buy conventional and which aren’t. iPhone & Android


If I really want to learn more about the product and the company’s sustainability. Even has a UPC scanner. iPhoneAndroid

Paleo Diets

This is a very handy app, especially if you’re new to Paleo/Primal. It’s essentially a storage house of paleo information with an Enjoy This tab listing acceptable foods, and an Avoid These tab. Also has recipes, links to ebooks, direct links to popular blogs and podcasts,  and even has different types of videos to explore. The one I like is the CrossFit Videos tab, as I’m still new to CrossFit and need to refer to correct form still. And for those into social media, there’s a link to the latest tweets on the paleo diet. Android

Wellness Mama

I love her site and this is a handy app that puts a lot of her recipes and information into app form for easy access and reference. iPhoneAndroid & Other


Love this app! Basically you choose which campaigns you support, like GMO-labeling, and then when you have them all set up, the next time you go to the store you can scan the UPC code and it will tell you if their parent company is on your boycott list. This is extremely helpful because sometimes you’re buying what you think is a small company’s product, when it’s really owned by a mega-giant like GM or Coca-Cola. For example, when I first started out, I was buying Cascadian Farms frozen veggies and fruit but then through this app, found out it’s owned by General Mills which uses Monsanto/GMO products. iPhoneAndroid

I just recently acquired this app, and I love it. It’s a goals/habits app and it has tons of different habits listed you can join/commit to and then check off when you accomplish them each day. It can even send you reminders. For instance, this is what I currently have set up: Eat Paleo, Drink water with lemon first thing in the morning, Sleep by 11pm, Put 5 to 10% of pay in savings, Go to Crossfit 2xs/week, Get ready for bed by 10pm, drink 20 ounces iced green tea a day, and coconut oil pulling. There’s also Plans you can join that guide you through learning or accomplishing something, like learning a new language. I joined 14 days to 100 Burpees, and Daily Decluttering. If there’s not a habit you want to form already listed (surprisingly most of mine were already in there), you can add one. You can also start discussions that others doing the same habit can see. You can join their Diet Studies–you choose which you’re willing to follow and it will select one for you based on their study needs. I selected Paleo and Gluten-Free, and it put me in the GF study. iPhoneAndroid

Ones I have but found I don’t use often

Primal Paleo

I’m only using the free version, so I can’t speak to the paid version. But this is a nice, handy app, especially if you’re just starting out. It has a good primer on the lifestyle, as well as a tab on the exercises and proper form, recipes, as well as what foods are acceptable and which season they are to be found. I like the tie between the food and the recipes–if you click on a food item, it will link to recipes that include it, if available. iPhoneAndroid

Find Me GF

This handy app will search for gluten free options in your location using your phone’s GPS. This is handy when you’re first starting out at home and want to know which restaurants and stores have gf options. For me, I plan on using it when I go out of town. iPhone & Android

Just Added


This looks pretty handy–you can select which diet you follow (it has paleo) and it will tell you what dishes you can order at nearby restaurants. iPhoneAndroid

I’m sure I’ve missed some fine apps, so if you have some that you find helps you in this lifestyle, please share in the comments! Have you used any of these? Which apps do you like best?


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