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My Journey Monday: Writer Jessica Aspen

Today’s Monday, and I have another writer’s story to share! Jessica Aspen talks about her health issues and journey to Paleo! ______ So… I’ve been trying to figure out where my journey to Paleo begins, and I realize it’s tough. Do I start with all the childhood ailments? The teen age ailments? The twenty-something ailments? […]

My Journey Monday: Writer Janet Lee Nye with Lessons Learned: A Year of Paleo

Today’s Monday, and I have another writer’s story to share! Janet’s going to talk to you about the lessons she’s learned after doing Paleo for a year. ______ “No, I do not sit in a cave chewing on raw meat.” And: “No, I don’t want to debate the scientific validity of my diet, especially while […]

My Journey Monday: Writer Marlene Relja Shares Her Paleo Journey to Health

I’m so excited to share another story from a writer! I first met Marlene at a Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal party at the Romance Writer’s of America annual conference in 2012 and we connected afterward on Twitter. Since then we’ve critiqued each other’s work (I’m currently in the middle of writing up my notes on […]

Guest Post: Writer Lee Kilraine Shares Her Primal Journey to Health

When I started this blog I hoped to find other writers who’d adopted this lifestyle so they could share their own unique journey in hopes it might inspire others, and it didn’t take me long to find some! Ah, the powers of social media! Today, the first of what I hope to be many guest […]