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Tea Tuesday: Bulletproof Ginger & Turmeric Tea

Earlier in the year, I posted my recipe for a Ginger, Cinnamon and Lemon tea, which I have every morning. But then I saw this post at Primally Inspired–Turmeric Tea: A Liver Detox–and it prompted me to change it up a bit. I’d already been adding turmeric as a ground spice into my daily food, […]

Tea Tuesday: Spotlight on Chamomile + 35 Uses

I thought I’d spotlight individual herbs and teas occasionally, so to kick it off, I’m featuring the beautiful (I love daisies) and humble chamomile. I love getting fresh chamomile, it smells so wonderful! Some say it smells like apples, but I don’t think that’s quite right. I can’t describe it (yes, I know I’m a […]

Tea Tuesday: Guest Author Rebekkah Niles Shares 4 Ways to Drink More Tea

I love it when I find author friends who love tea too! Rebekkah and I both belong to RWA’s special interest chapter Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal, are both geeks and share a love of Firefly, and have been able to meet in person at several RWA regional conferences. I didn’t know she liked tea too! She’s […]

Tea Tuesday: Need Sleep? An Herbal Blend to the Rescue

One of the laws that Mark Sisson promotes in his Primal Blueprint is #5 Get Lots of Sleep. It’s so important, you should try to make it a priority. Are you feeling mentally sluggish? Is your memory getting worse? Have you stalled on your weight loss? Inadequate sleep could be sabotaging you. I know it’s […]

Tea Tuesday: Ginger, Cinnamon & Lemon Tea

Took a blogging break for the holidays, so this week with yesterday’s post, I’m now back to regularly blogging here, so that means, today is Tea Tuesday! I love me some tea. Obviously. Anywho, one of my faves, and which is what I drink in the morning, is this hot tea I’m going to share […]

Tea Tuesday: Stocking Your Tea Pantry + Tips To Get Started

Last Tuesday, I posted my first herbal tea blend and a commenter wondered how I stored my loose herbs, so I thought I’d take a time out before doing more posts like last week’s and share how I store my herbs as well as a primer on using herbs. So, above is a peek at […]

Tea Tuesday: Stress and Brain Tea

I’m going to dive in with my first real post and share something specific rather than rehash any Paleo/Primal precepts you can easily find on other blogs. I’d like to do a post every week on tea, because man, I love me some tea! This has been a constant through all of my adult life. […]